Integrity in all dealings is the driving philosophy behind Paragon Reserve.  David Stinnett, CLU, ChFC, the founder and owner of Paragon Reserve, experienced firsthand the most recent financial market corrections of the last 15 years and the financial devastation it left behind.  David created Paragon Reserve to strategically position his clients against ongoing market volatility to ensure their financial well-being without that risk.  

At Paragon Reserve, we are passionate about enabling our clients to benefit from sound financial strategies used by the wealthy, and expertise David has accumulated in his more than 30 years in financial services.  The Private Reserve Strategy will enable you to literally recapture the principal and interest you are now giving to others when you pay for the things you spend your money on.  It will also enable you to generate a source of tax-free income without the risks of Wall-Street ever!  In addition, you will be creating a multi-generational wealth legacy.

We will teach you how to create a pool of money YOU own and control so you can literally pay yourself the money you would traditionally be giving to others every time you pay for such things as cars, homes, vacations, and education, plus a lot more! You will learn how much more important it is to recapture debt than to just pay it off! 

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